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91Grid works with leading Telcos in the country to help you reach the right audience for your product.

The platform uses Advanced Big Data analytics, Mobile usage metrics (Mobile model, Monthly spend, Roaming, Internet usage) & Demographics (Age, Gender, City, Pincode) of the users to construct strong user profiles. These mobile user profiles are more relevant & productive.

Create your own target customer base from 700 mn+ mobile users, using intelligent filters/options like Age, Gender, location, Pincode, Mobile model (Smartphone or feature phone), Income, Ecommerce shopper, Travelers, Business communities, Mobile Wallet user.

Welcome to India’s 1st Customer Search Engine !

  • 75 Crore

    Unique Users

  • 20 Crore

    Women Users

  • 35 Crore


  • 15 Crore

    E- Comm Users

  • 40 Crore+

    Smart Phones

  • 10 Crore

    SME / GST Payers


Bulk SMS
Mobile Number Required

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS

Smart SMS

  • No Mobile Number Required
  • Instead Choose various customer
    (Age, City, Pincode, income, Mobile Model & Many More)
  • Choose from 75 Cr active mobile users

Smart Social

  • Use mobile Number to show ads to Facebook and Instagram users


  • Smart SMS
  • Smart Social
  • Bulk SMS


Smart SMS allows you to send SMS to people without you having to give their mobile numbers, instead of mobile numbers you need to select from Profile / Segment of user, example: Age = 25 to 35 years, Gender = Male, Income = Higher middle class, Mobile model = Smart Phone, City = Delhi OR Pincode = 110044 etc.
User profile means various elements like > Age, Gender, City, Pincode, Mobile model, Income, Mobile spends, Mobile model, Traveller, Credit card user, Ecommerce shopper etc
91Grid works with leading Telcos which using advanced mobile analytics to generate every users profile basis his mobile usage patterns
a. In Bulk SMS user has to submit mobile numbers of people he wishes to send the SMS b. In Smart SMS user does not require to submit mobile numbers, instead user chooses which segment he wants to send promotion to. EXAMPLE: Age, City, Pincode, Mobile model and many such options to choose from
a. You can send promotions to any city/taluka/village in India where there are active mobile users suing their mobile phones  Which language can I send the promotion ? b. You can choose English, Hindi, Tamil Telgu, Malyalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati or any other Indian or western language
Yes You can send SMS text, Videos & Pictures.
No. 91Grid complies with all TCCCPR guidelines of communications. is a Do-It-Yourself platform where you can just login > Choose from multiple segment options > and send the communication
It takes 3 hours maximum to deliver your promotion (between 9 am to 8 pm in the evening)

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